About web developer
Lennart Christensen

Hi, my name is Lennart and I specialize in building WordPress websites and coding other cool stuff that you just need for your WP website or WooCommerce webshop.

WP Programmer Lennart Christensen, Web Developer

Small and dynamic web agency

Webdesigner LENNART C is the small web agency that can accommodate both the very small and the larger tasks. Here you can get a tailor-made and flexible solution that matches your wishes for functionality and design.

Professional Web Designer

I'm a full-time freelance WordPress expert, designer and developer. Over many years I have specialised in WordPress development and know the system inside out. My codes are well tested, which makes for uncomplicated processes that save time and money.

Honest and direct communication

You'll have a contact person and that's me. I value the good relationships where we have a good dialogue. I believe it saves time but also gives a better result. My experience tells me that this is the key to a successful project.

Design proof layout

I make sure my websites are "design-proof". This means that content always looks good in the design that has been developed. I make the content editable with custom fields. With them, you just enter your content and that's it! Everything works as expected and there is no way to mess up the layout, which also gives a consistent look and a professional website.

I code my websites according to recognized and current standards. My code base allows for quick adjustments, maintenance and easy extensibility - also by third parties.


    What you can get from me:

  • Tried and tested techniques
  • An uncomplicated and flexible collaboration
  • Access to expert knowledge
  • A high quality website
  • Honest, accessible and personal service
  • No salesman promising gold and green forests
  • A direct line to your developer
  • 24/7 monitoring against hacker attacks


Send details of your project

Please feel free to send me details of your project, I can give you an estimate and timeframe quite quickly. I like to prioritize long-term collaborations.

Contact me here.