About Lennart Christensen - Web developer and WordPress expert

Hi there!!! My name is Lennart, I am able to design and develop websites, webshops and coding of other smart extensions that you just need for your WordPress platform. My focus is always on delivering quality, usability and efficient solutions.

WP Programmer Lennart Christensen, Web Developer

Small and dynamic web agency

Webdesigner LENNART C is the small web agency that can accommodate both the very small and the larger tasks. Here you can get a customised and flexible solution that matches your wishes for functionality and design. Whether it's a small or large job, our goal is to deliver exactly what you want. We are ready to help you achieve your goals.

Experienced web developer with a focus on visual appeal

Back in the noughties, my creativity blossomed and what started as a hobby and an enthusiasm for WordPress and web development has today turned into a career as a full-time WP web developer.

Whether it's designing attractive websites or solving complex coding challenges, I am always genuinely enthusiastic about solving them with care and dedication. I practice tried and tested coding techniques that have proven their reliability over many projects.

My experience brings with it a valuable combination of service, flexibility and technical expertise, ensuring a smooth process at all stages of the project.

Honest and direct communication

You will have a dedicated contact person, me. This means you have a direct line to your web developer and the dialogue is never lost. I value good relationships where we can discuss everything from small details to big challenges and benefit from concrete experiences. Besides being the most fun, I also believe it saves time and leads to a better result. In my experience, this is the key to a successful project.

    By choosing me as your business partner, you get the following benefits, among others:

  • Personalised attention: As a self-employed web developer, I am able to give you my full attention. You will experience closer and more direct communication, leading to better understanding and faster decisions.
  • Access to expertise: With years of experience in web development, I have gained in-depth expertise in my field. You can rely on me to have the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver a quality solution.
  • Flexibility: I am able to adapt to your specific needs and wishes. I can customise solutions and work according to your schedule and budget.
  • Direct communication to your web developer: You will have direct communication with me. There will be no intermediaries, which facilitates communication and ensures that no information is lost.
  • Cost-effectiveness: by choosing me as your web developer, you only pay for the necessary services and avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Long-term partnership: By choosing me as your web developer, you have the opportunity to build a long-term partnership. I will be dedicated and be there to support you in the long run.
  • No salespeople promising gold and green forests: This means that there are no unrealistic promises or exaggerated descriptions of products or services. It also means that false expectations of results or benefits are not created.
  • Dedication and commitment: As a self-employed web developer, my reputation and success is dependent on the quality of the work I deliver. I am dedicated to delivering results and building long-term relationships.

Share the details of your WordPress project

Not all WordPress solutions are the same. The quality of the code and the final solution can vary significantly. If price is your only priority, I may not be the right choice for you. There are undoubtedly web developers who are cheaper than me, and there are also those who charge higher prices. My goal is not to be the cheapest (or the most expensive), but to offer an honest and reliable product with no sales pitch.

Feel free to contact me with details about your WordPress project and I'll be happy to provide you with a quick price and timeframe estimate. I look forward to learning more about your project and finding the optimal solution for you.

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