Development of WoCommerce webshop for Danish jewellery brand: Anpé Atelier CPH

I am humbly proud to have been part of the development of a new webshop for Danish jewellery brand, Anpé Atelier CPH. The result is a beautiful, minimalistic and powerful brand webshop with a flexible user flow and a design framework that goes to the edge.

Initiating the development and design of a jewellery webshop

The design agency Frem/Ad was tasked with helping the up-and-coming Danish jewellery brand Anpé Atelier CPH with a new webshop. In this connection, I was lucky enough to be hired as a web developer and "technical guru" on the WooCommerce project The webshop is based on the WooCommerce platform, which is known for its flexibility and reliability in e-commerce.

During the development of Anpé Atelier CPH's new webshop, I worked closely with graphic designer Kenni from Frem/Ad and owner-manager Line from Anpé Atelier CPH. Our main goals in programming the new WooCommerce webshop were to create a more stable and reliable solution, streamline the design and optimise the webshop's functionality. In their previous WooCommerce webshop, they experienced many disruptive and strange issues. The old shop was overloaded with third-party extensions (plugins) that were cross-linked and created complications. While third-party extensions are generally designed to benefit users, there is a downside where the website can quickly become overloaded with unnecessary code, repeated script requests and extensions that conflicted with each other and caused problems.

Who is Anpé Atelier CPH

Anpé Atelier Cph is a Danish jewellery brand founded in Copenhagen in 2017 by jewellery designer and former lawyer Line Jacobsen. Line has a background as a lawyer and worked in this field for almost 8 years. However, there was always a creative side of her that could not be fully expressed in the legal profession.

After a trip to Sri Lanka in 2015, Line was inspired by the country's colourful culture and way of life, including the colourful jewellery. This experience became the foundation for Anpé Atelier CPH, where Line wanted to combine the colourful and magical of the East with minimalist Scandinavian design.

The name Anpé Atelier CPH is a combination of Sinhalese (Sri Lankan language) and Scandinavian and represents the colourful and magical jewellery that the brand creates.

Anpé Atelier CPH is known for offering unique and colourful jewellery that fuses the mysticism of the East with the minimalist aesthetics of the North.

The new Woocommerce webshop (sorry if it gets too technical..🥱)

I created a custom WooCommerce theme for based on the design dialogue and the specific needs Anpé had. The theme is built using the core features of WordPress and WooCommerce, ensuring a clean code base and giving us a deep understanding of the system. I primarily use PHP and jQuery for the other functions in the webshop.

The site is controlled through a git version controlled environment where updates are sent from git to the online version. We have incorporated as many features as possible directly into the theme to minimise reliance on third-party extensions. This means we have full control over the code and there are no external factors affecting the functionality of the website, ensuring stable operation. We have also optimised script requests in the theme so that we only fetch the necessary scripts for the specific subpage.

The shop control panel is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for administrators to edit content, products and images. We have implemented custom fields in the backend that make content editable. Everything works as expected and there is no risk of breaking the layout.

As an important detail, we've reviewed the website's email setup to ensure that emails are more likely to avoid spam filters.

In addition to web development, I am also responsible for the operation and support of the webshop. I monitor the site around the clock and ensure regular updates of WordPress and third-party extensions. I also ensure that the website runs with the most optimal version of PHP. I handle all security notifications via email and WordPress, and if there are any issues with updates, I ensure fast and efficient bug fixing. We have implemented a Cloudflare DNS setup that improves both performance and security. In addition, external scripts, such as jQuery, are delivered via a CDN network.

Collaboration with Anpé on new webshop

Working closely with Anpé Atelier CPH and Kenni from Frem/ad, I created a bespoke webshop designed to present and sell their jewellery in a beautiful and intuitive way. I have taken into account Anpé Atelier CPH's wishes and needs and customised the webshop to their design aesthetic and brand identity. By implementing a customised WooCommerce theme, I ensured that the website has a unique and professional presentation that stands out from the competition.

Thank you for the great cooperation to Kenni from Frem/ad, and of course Line from Anpé - and thank you for your patience as the deadline slipped - I am very happy and proud that you can use my help. 🙏

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