Development of custom WP blog:

I have prepared the blog for Cecilie Skjærup Nielsen. We have tried to keep the design simple and intuitive, giving Cecilie a good opportunity to blog about life in southern Spain. I'm really happy with the result and will be following along on the sidelines. Read a bit more about our deliberations below.


When Cecilie reached out to me it was with an idea of creating her own blog (see more). Even though a blog of this type is less complex than what I usually do, I think it's been fun to do. I love to challenge myself, but tasks of this nature I find really interesting too. At the same time, it also provides a good diversity in my daily life, which is also a high priority for me.

The blog is developed in WordPress and has a simple expression. As simple as it is on the frontend, it is also on the backend. It has been important to Cecilie that the site is easy to use, which is why simple fields have been created in the control panel for the various functions found on the site. At the same time, I have created shortcodes that can be used to create various buttons, table of contents and more. This gives a nice aesthetic and uniform look that ties the page together nicely.

I feel we have succeeded in creating a blog with basic options that is both functional and aesthetic.

Besides building the blog, I also take care of WordPress hosting, maintenance and operation, which means that I take care of all updates and WP security notifications on email and in WP.

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