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New digital presence for City-Ejendomme Aalborg including design and development of new website.

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The philosophy behind the operation of City-Ejendomme Aalborg is honesty, sincerity and dedication to the cityscape of Aalborg city centre. City-Ejendomme Aalborg rents out properties in Aalborg city centre and the pedestrian streets and has been in existence since 1991. The company is owned and operated by Hans Andersen and a team of skilled employees.

City-Ejendomme Aalborg needed a new digital presence that included a new website whose design and functionality had to go hand in hand. It was important that the website could also handle the company's commercial leases and private residential leases. With this in mind, we built a website in WordPress with the functionalities that City-Ejendomme Aalborg needed. The website should also create a nice profile for the company, as well as for the city of Aalborg.

City-Ejendomme Aalborg uses to advertise their leases, so it was also important that the website could talk to The result was a solution where City-Ejendomme Aalborg today can just put their rentals on the website, where after e automatically become available on

On City-Ejendomme Aalborg's old website, housing was shown in a so-called "iframe" window. In developing the new website, this gave us the opportunity to design a unique website and create the presentation of the homes exactly as City-Ejendomme wanted. We could also remove texts and info that City-Ejendomme Aalborg considered irrelevant on the website. The housing also gets its own link path, which gives a higher SEO value.

Lennart Christensen - Web developer, Wordpress specialist, WP Programmer

Lennart Christensen

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