Development of a website for the Danish Artillery Regiment

I have had the pleasure of developing a beautiful and functional website for It has been a great experience working with the team behind the website and bringing their vision to life.

Danish Artillery

What did the Danish Artillery Regiment need for their new website

I am proud to present - the development of the website for As an independent web developer, I have had the privilege of working with the Danish Artillery Regiment to create a modern and informative website that reflects their proud history and current activities.

The Danish Artillery Regiment needed a new website that could fulfil their specific requirements and needs. Working with me as a web developer was crucial in creating a customised solution that matched their wishes and vision.

In close collaboration with the Danish Artillery Regiment, I listened to their wishes and needs for the website. We discussed functionalities, design and user experience. Throughout the collaboration, there was an open and constructive dialogue, where I presented designs and solutions that were adapted according to the regiment's feedback and wishes.

What kind of unit is the Danish Artillery Regiment? represents an important part of the Danish defence. The regiment specialises in artillery, and their primary task is to support the Danish forces with firepower and tactical support on the ground.

The regiment plays a crucial role in protecting Denmark's interests and security both nationally and internationally. They perform a wide range of tasks, including education, training, operational planning and deployment in conflict situations. has a strong tradition and is characterised by their professionalism, commitment and ability to adapt to changing demands and challenges. Their important role in the Danish defence makes it crucial for them to have an effective and informative website where they can share news, events and general information with their personnel, partners and interested visitors.

A little about the web solution (sorry for the geekiness 😂)

I developed a solid website for the Danish Artillery Regiment that fulfils their specific needs. The solution includes a customised WordPress theme and a Cloudflare DNS/CDN setup hosted on a fast and reliable LiteSpeed server.

By coding such a solution from scratch, we can create a website that is exactly as desired, without unnecessary third-party extensions or filler code. We focus on core WordPress features, ensuring a more scalable and reliable solution. My websites don't rely on various third-party extensions to function, minimising the risk of errors and crashes.

Technically, I utilise transients, which aggregate data into single threads and reduce the load on the server, resulting in faster content delivery.

The website control panel makes it easy and straightforward for webmasters to edit content. We have developed an easy-to-use WordPress CMS with sub-components that include both the Classic Editor and customised Gutenberg blocks. This allows you to create pages with visually different designs within the same design framework, ensuring a consistent and professional look.

In addition to website development, I am also responsible for the operation and support of the website so that the Danish Artillery Regiment can focus on their core activities.

Collaboration on the development of the Danish Artillery Regiment's new website

Through a careful process, I have ensured that the website meets the regiment's requirements and needs. I focused on creating a user-friendly experience where visitors can easily find relevant information about the regiment, its tasks and events.

On the new website, I have implemented several important features that make it easy for to share events, news and general information with their visitors. This keeps the website vibrant and up-to-date, while making it easy for the regiment's staff to manage and update the content.

In the design, we have emphasised user-friendliness and intuitive navigation, so that all visitors can find the information they need easily. At the same time, I made sure that the website reflects the visual identity of

I would like to thank the Danish Artillery Regiment for the great collaboration and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to contribute to their online presence. I am proud of the finished result and look forward to seeing the website flourish and fulfil its goals.

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