Ecooking - Danish skin care brand

For the Danish skincare brand Ecooking, I built a custom WooCommerce webshop. Ongoing I help with my technical skills in the form of; web development, web design, technical implementation, DNS, hosting, updates support etc.

Since 2017 I have been working with ECOOKING. Technically, we have built a custom WordPress/WooCommerce theme. When you grow at that speed and want to go abroad, it's also a website that we are constantly developing. The Ecooking website is built on WooCommerce core and works as a multilingual site with connectivity to e.g.. freight handling and accounting.

Operation and maintenance includes the basic things that make the website operational. This includes hosting on dedicated Litespeed servers and DNS administration.I also maintain extensions, themes and WordPress on an ongoing basis, as well as dealing with issues related to failed updates, security breaches from hacking attempts, viruses, and data backups.

Responsible for the above, I am, together with the other Ecooking team, the "technical partner". A team and a process I enjoy being part of.

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