WooCommerce Webshop: Ecooking.dk - Danish skin care brand accelerating

For the Danish skincare brand Ecooking, I built a custom WooCommerce webshop. Ongoing I help with my technical skills in the form of; web development, web design, technical implementation, DNS, hosting, updates support etc.

ECOOKING case - Webdesigner LENNARTC

Ecooking.dk - Danish skin care brand with growth

Since 2017 I have been working with ECOOKING. I remember the first meeting with Ecooking and I didn't know ECOOKING at that time and I thought "what the heck is this, is it some organic cooking or what does E-Cooking mean?". It was nothing to do with food 😂 but in turn the name came about because Tina (Stifer of ECOOKING) started the business at home in her kitchen. She says: "I literally took matters into my own hands. I went to the lab and selected the ingredients I needed, without any thought for price. And then I mixed creams, serums and oils in my own kitchen. Every other day I stirred new supplies, which were stored in the fridge."

What the cooperation consists of

Fortunately, my meeting with ECOOKING resulted in a collaboration that has been both fun and challenging. It was a wild experience to see how we got beyond the steppes and how the ECOOKING name just got bigger and bigger, both the awareness in the public, the sales that increased in Denmark and indeed around the world, the company ECOOKING just grew bigger and bigger (according to Proff.dk there were 5 employees in 2017 and in 2021 ECOOKING had 27 employees).

I am very proud that I have been lucky enough to be allowed to contribute to ECOOKING's digital development. The collaboration has given me the opportunity to develop and produce WooCommerce code work on a larger scale, not to mention a solution that needed to scale to a larger and larger number of visitors and many order receipts. Developing sub-components and features that could be used for sales purposes to generate more sales in the webshop. It's been a lot of fun, and from day one I felt like a part of team ECOOKING, where I could contribute with my skills and there was also an expectation that I would contribute.

    I have worked with different people who have been responsible for E-commerce at ECOOKING and I feel that with each of them I have developed the webshop in their own way. Among others:

  • First period: Henrik E and Christan B, the first drawings and development of a better webshop than the current one
  • Second period. Christian E, Design/brand improvements of Webshop, optimization of order flow across systems
  • Third period: Morten J, Scaling sales worldwide

What were my main tasks for ECOOKING

Technically I have built a custom WordPress/WooCommerce theme. When you grow at that speed and want to go abroad, it's also a website that we are constantly developing with subcomponents and extensions. The Ecooking website is built on WooCommerce core and works as a multilingual site with connectivity to e.g.. freight handling and accounting.

Operation and maintenance includes the basic things that make the website operational. This includes hosting on dedicated Litespeed servers and DNS administration.I also maintain extensions, themes and WordPress on an ongoing basis, as well as dealing with issues related to failed updates, security breaches from hacking attempts, viruses, and data backups.

Responsible for the above, I am, together with the other Ecooking team, the "technical partner". A team and a process I enjoy being part of.

Ecooking sold to British private equity fund

in mid-2021, the company was sold to a British private equity fund. And in connection with this acquisition, my regular cooperation with Ecooking stopped as they chose to switch to another shop system, unfortunately. However, I am extremely proud of the journey I have been on with Ecooking - from a small niche brand to a skincare brand with sales to the whole world.

As I said, it is a collaboration I am incredibly proud of and it has been a pleasure to be a close partner for several years - Thank you to ECOOKING and especially Henrik E, Christian B and Tina for the trust you gave me🙏

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