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The housing rental company JC Bolig, needed a smart website with a link to

I solved the first tasks for JC Bolig back in 2013 and we have had a collaboration ever since. JC Housing is a residential rental company with apartments in cities such as Tønder, Løgumkloster, Bredebro, Sønderborg and Aabenraa.

The need
JC Bolig wanted to update their website design and features. It was important that it was presentable and simple and in addition it needed to have some primary features that made it easy to manage residential rentals in terms of data, text and images. In addition to private rentals, it was also important that the website could handle the company's commercial rentals. In addition, it was important to create a platform that is naturally mobile-friendly and responsive to all platforms, as well as scalable in terms of features and new developments.

A little about the solution
The website is built in a light and minimalist design. Technically, I have built a WordPress theme without the use of unnecessary third-party extensions. The theme is built on core WP and developed primarily using PHP and jquery functions in a git version controlled environment. To give the site better performance we have upgraded the server solution to a Cloudflare configured one of a kind, something I like to do with anyone who wants to take advantage of extra performance and security.

Associated with
The primary functions connect residential rentals with Updating of rental properties and deletion of rented properties is therefore done automatically on via data from the website. This means that JC Bolig only has to store its apartment for rent one place, i.e. on the website, so that they are also made active on

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