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Design and development of WordPress website in 2007. The latest redesign of JCIMEX.dk was done in 2013.


Website for local business with freedom to play with design and ideas

I solved the first tasks for JC IMEX ApS many years ago. JC Imex is owned by my father and yes he gave me the opportunity to get in and mess around with some things that other companies might not give you at the time, completely inexperienced but very curious web designer. As a young upcoming web designer in the noughties, you really want a bit of everything, first and foremost to feed yourself, but also because you learn many different things while you work and therefore become wiser - yes almost hour by hour - it meant that I often sat and played with graphic elements and ideas, where they were then shortly after scrapped and replaced by new ideas. The recent redesign of Jcimex.dk however, dates back to 2013, so since then the identity and look of the company has remained largely unchanged. The website is now 10 years old with the installed features, which JC IMEX is still very happy with.

Web design, hosting and graphic tasks for business

My tasks during this period were very wide-ranging within graphic communication and online media. I have designed the company's brand identity with logo, letterhead, etc. Created flyers, ads, price catalogues, etc. and not least designed and coded a WordPress website. Today I take care of the operation and hosting of the website, and help with e-mail. Small graphic tasks such as price catalogue etc.

Graphic designer are you not a web developer/designer? I am actually quite good in Adobe Illustrator, photoshop and InDesign and over the years I have done a lot of different graphic design for printed media such as flyers, business cards, adverts etc. and a lot of logos! However, it is not at all what I am best at and there are a lot of graphic designers who are better than me, but my graphic skills compliment my coding skills very well, as it gives me a good aesthetic sense when I have to make code that visually unfolds.

Here's a mockup from the archives: Web design mockup from 2007 by jcimex.dk
Web design mockup from 2007 Web designer LENNARTC

First website built in 2007. The latest redesign of JCIMEX.dk was done in 2013.

Who is Jc Imex ApS

JC IMEX ApS is a Danish importer specialising in import of drainage pipes and production of PE pipes, drainage pipes with and without winding, geotextiles. They have been supplying the Danish market since 1999.

Lennart Christensen - Web developer, Wordpress specialist, WP Programmer

Lennart Christensen

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