Website for KHOffice, which provides innovative articles in the field of play and learning

The need
KH Office needed a new website. They had a really old one and they needed something new. First of all, it had to be mobile friendly. During the process with KH Office, I had a good cooperation with the owner Dennis Klinge who has been the supervisor of the website project and I think that together we have built a great site 🙂

A little about the solution
The website is built in a neat and presentable cut with focus on presenting products and services in a good way. Technically I have coded a custom WordPress solution which is ideal if you want to avoid "noise" from unnecessary third party extensions. The theme is built on core WP and developed primarily using PHP and jquery functions in a git version controlled environment. To give the site better performance we have upgraded the server solution to a Cloudflare configured one of a kind, something I like to do at anyone who wants to take advantage of extra performance and security.

Who is KH Office
Owner Dennis Klinge started the company KH with an extension at his private address on Hylkevænget, and since his surname is Klinge, it became KH - the initials used today. Today, all KH brands are: KH Office, KH Play & Learning and KH Ergonomics under one department.

Lennart Christensen - Web developer, Wordpress specialist, WP Programmer

Lennart Christensen

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