Website for Tønder Handelsskole built in WordPress

I always look forward to a new collaboration and I did so especially with Tønder Handelsskole, as I was a student at the school myself.

Webdesign Lennart Christensen - Tønder Handelsskole case

Det Blå Gymnasium & Handelsskolen in Tønder offers EUD Business, EUX Business and HHX.

In connection with the work on, we have worked a lot in depth on how we could best optimize the site for mobile viewing. Our focus on this was due to the younger generation, who are the obvious target audience for a website like this, and the target audience's penchant for being very prominent on mobile devices in particular. We made several different variations of the final implemented solution along the way. is a really "heavy" website in terms of content, and therefore it was also a very instructive experience to analyse how best to deliver a lot of content without it becoming too boring.

When we make a site like Tønder Handelsskole, it is important that all the technology works as it should. Therefore, Tønder Handelsskole's new website has been a lot of fun to work with, as there has been room to really give full sail on all edges.

Lennart Christensen - Web developer, Wordpress specialist, WP Programmer

Lennart Christensen

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