Has been responsible for the design and development of Tønder Erhvervsråd's new website


I am very proud and happy that I could help Tønder Erhvervsråd with their new website.

Meresalg Aps was given the task of helping Tønder Erhvervsråd with online strategy and in this connection I was lucky enough to be connected as a web developer on the project.

I have had a close cooperation with Maike and Marianne from Tønder Erhvervsråd who have been the supervisors of the website project. Based on the strategy of Tønder Erhvervsråd and its design manual, I have coded / built a complete WordPress theme with the functionality and individual needs that Tønder Erhvervsråd needed, and without ending up with a website full of redundant codes and other stuff.

The solution of a custom website built in WordPress is ideal when you want to build a new website and have full control and not rely on various third-party extensions for the website to work. The theme is built on core WP and developed primarily using PHP and jquery functions in a git version controlled environment.

Several actors have been involved in the collaboration on the website, including:

  • Kalb ApS was responsible for the preparation of the design manual
  • Meresalg ApS has helped with online strategy
  • Marketing Media video production

In the process, it has been essential to create a user-friendly and modern site that is easy to navigate around and not least create a nice profile for the Business Council in Tønder.

Besides web development, I am also in charge of operation and support of the site.

Lennart Christensen - Web developer, Wordpress specialist, WP Programmer

Lennart Christensen

  • Webdeveloper / Designer
  • WordPress specialist