Tønder Halls used Corona closure to develop new website

I am very proud and happy with the result of the new website for the Tønder Halls. I have been lucky enough to help with design, programming, technology choices, consulting and hosting 🙏


The need
It had long been a desire to make the website more functional and user-friendly. In addition, it was important to make a number of communicative and design improvements that would make the user experience significantly more intuitive than we know it from before. Also, the new name and identity of the centre should be clearly expressed and the centre's framework set for sport and the community in Tønder.

A little about the collaboration
The Tønder Halls, like so many other cultural and sporting venues, were shut down overnight due to the Corona pandemic taking hold in the country. And what to do? As we know, nothing is so bad that it is not good for something. And with that in mind, the shutdown was the occasion for a series of updates; some took advantage of the time to give the centre an overhaul in terms of tidying, roofing, lighting, and replacements, while others took their place behind the screens with a mission to give the website a boost.

I have had a very good and close cooperation with Melissa McCann Seeberg from Tønderhallerne who has been the lead on the website project. Based on many initial discussions (and ongoing), thoughts, ideas, theories, etc., and a design manual created for this purpose, I designed and coded a complete WordPress Theme with the functionality and individual needs that Tønderhallerne needed.

Melissa says about the collaboration 💬

"Lennart is a pleasure to work with. He is a good sparring partner, who besides being technically competent also has an attitude towards things. There is a rigid focus on creating coherence between design, identity and functionality. In our web development project, Lennart has shown great thoroughness and aesthetic sense front-end while ensuring that the user experience back-end is kept as simple as possible. The warmest of recommendations"

A little about the solution
The solution of a custom website built in WordPress is ideal when you want to build a new website and have full control and not rely on various third-party extensions for the website to work. Technically, the benefits are many. All third-party extensions are generally designed to benefit the majority, but this also has its downside. So the fact that you don't end up with a website full of unnecessary spaghetti code, scripts and unnecessary "noise" from third party extensions is always a plus and means that you have full control over how the site works and therefore don't end up with a site that is dull/limited and therefore much more durable. The WP theme is built on core WP and developed primarily using PHP and jquery functions in a git version controlled environment. To give the site better performance we have upgraded the server solution to a Cloudflare configured one of a kind, something I like to do with anyone who wants to take advantage of extra performance and security.

Besides web development, I am also in charge of operation and support of the site.

Thank you for your cooperation 🙏😊

Lennart Christensen - Web developer, Wordpress specialist, WP Programmer

Lennart Christensen

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