Development of WordPress website for Vores Marsk:

I have been lucky enough to be asked to design and develop the website for I think we have created an impressive website that offers a high user experience on both mobile and desktop. High code quality, fast and reliable - of course 😁

The need wanted to make their website more exciting and inviting, and not least more functional and user-friendly. People should want to know, see and hear more about "our marsh". Communication on the website also needed to be more accurate in relation to b2b and b2c and therefore content, menu structure and entry points needed to be streamlined. In addition, it was important to have a solution that was durable and reliable and not least fast. There had to be nice profiles for all partners/members that could easily be created and presented with name, picture and relevant information. Events had to be offered and displayed in a modern and mobile-friendly design.

A little about Our Marsh
The Food House Our Marsh is a meeting place for food along the Wadden Sea. Through visibility and cooperation, we strengthen the supply of local food, local food culture and nature experiences. Our Marsk aims to contribute to the creation of more jobs in the food industry as well as to the growth of more entrepreneurs along the Wadden Sea. The spin-off effect of the action will create more sustainable experiences with a focus on food and food culture, as well as contributing to an increased supply of food for locals and tourists. Our Marsk therefore has a role to play in making local food and food and food culture experiences visible and accessible to the industry, local consumers and tourists. Tønder Erhvervsråd is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Food House Vores Marsk.

A little about the collaboration
I have had a very good and close cooperation with Signe Visbech Holm Pedersen and Rasmus Wilhelm Sønnichsen from Vores Marsk initiativet (Tønder Erhvervsråd) who have been in charge of the website project. Based on a nice design manual made by the design agency Frem/ad and many conversations with Rasmus and Signe, I think we have had a really good (and nice) collaboration, where I am grateful for the trust and freedom I have been given - thank you for that 🙌

💬  Rasmus Wilhelm Sønnichsen from the Our Marsk initiative says the following about the cooperation:
We have been working with Lennart to build a brand new website for the Food Store Our Marsk. Since the work is about food, the Marsken and Wadden Sea and local producers, we wanted a website with a focus on a visual expression, but at the same time a simple design with the user journey as a starting point.

We have been provided with a great looking website with several custom elements that fit what we want to show. In addition, Lennart himself has come up with many of the design ideas, and this has provided a good sparring with exciting and necessary input from someone outside the organization.

The process has been simple and understandable for lay people, and Lennart has been quick to respond when we have requested changes, corrections or self-help.

A little about the solution
The solution includes a custom WordPress theme and associated Cloudflare DNS/CDN setup, located on a LiteSpeed server. When I code such a solution, you can get a website exactly as you want and it's completely without unnecessary third-party extensions or filler code. So I work with core WordPress features and the WordPress theme is coded from scratch (you always get this from me 🙂 ) for Technically, the advantages are many and we know how everything works and you get a much more scalable solution and with such a solution you get a reliable website that does not rely on various third-party extensions for the website to work. By the way, the more third party extensions and third party code, the more things can break. A bit geeky 🥱 I make use of transients in many places, which has a really good impact on content delivery, as this way we collect data in single threads and don't ping the server as often.

..hey what is a WordPress theme under? When you talk about a WordPresstema, you are talking about a collection of all the code files that determine all the functions and the overall look of the website. The theme thus gives life to both the CMS and what you see online.

The website's control panel makes it easy for the webmaster to edit content. WordPress CMS is developed with subcomponents and uses both Classic editor and Gutenberg custom developed blocks. The editor/webmaster, can thus set up pages in visually different designs - yet within the same design framework, which also provides a consistent look and feel and a professional website.

To give the site better performance we have upgraded the server solution to a Cloudflare configured one of a kind, something I like to do with anyone who wants to take advantage of extra performance and security. In addition to web development, I am also in charge of running and supporting the website.

A little about the design
The design should be contemporary, inviting and stylish. But not least user-friendly and in addition it was important to make a number of communicative and design improvements that would make the user experience significantly more intuitive. Honestly, coming up with the visual expression for was actually a difficult task. Should we have a webshop attached? Which elements should be the focus? How do we make it more simple - well that's actually many times the hardest part! In close cooperation with Signe Visbech Holm Pedersen and Rasmus Wilhelm Sønnichsen from the Vores Marsk initiative, we brainstormed well and came up with a good plan and a visually beautiful site with some nice elements that both present the area - our marsh - well, but not least the various partners in Vores Marsk, which are local manufacturers of food. See example of producer/partner page: Vadehavs Spirits ,

💬 Now that you have been so kind to read the case description completely to the bottom so I just want to thank you for it and also make a small recommendation 😁 Are you on the Tønder edges so I recommend you to visit Our Marsk Food Store in Tønder. In the shop they have collected a lot of different local foods that the different partners/producers make. Personally, I have tasted interesting beers, wines and gin 😋 - Web development Lennart Christensen

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