A dynamic web industry

In Meresalg Marketing we have worked on many different and interesting web projects. It is this diversity that makes our work interesting. We get into the engine room of different companies, which is fantastic. It's great to advise and improve the digital strategy of each business. 

Technology moves us

We operate in a very dynamic industry. Technology constantly provides us with new opportunities - this also means that we constantly have to make a number of choices in order to be able to advise and stand as strong as possible in relation to "best practice" in web development, for example.

In this way, we ensure that we deliver the best service and performance to our customers. A good product is important, as it is the product that simply determines how the market is controlled. This also means that if we are not aware of the latest technology, our competitors will be able to offer a better product than ours - something we are obviously very aware of.

Ongoing agreements ensure a flow

The majority of our customers are on an ongoing contract. Most of them choose to buy only one service from Meresalg Marketing. Ongoing agreements can be within Web, SEO, Linkbuilding or AdWords. Often it is also a combination, where all our competences are used. Furthermore, this is also where we have achieved some of the best results and collaborations.

It is particularly positive that we have customers in the business on regular appointments, as this strongly suggests that there is a satisfaction for the work we offer. Something we are very enthusiastic about, as we always go to great lengths for each client - and are happy to put the necessary hours of interest into a case to ensure it meets both our own and the client's expectations.

Likewise, we build a bond of loyalty with our clients, and a collaboration that should not be seen merely as a consultancy service, but rather as a real partner in the same sense as it was a colleague at work, for example. It creates a flow and development.

As a Web and marketing agency, you make a living by creating results. Cases and references are paramount, as it quite understandably requires results to be considered on the larger cases. In relation to this, we at Meresalg have gradually built up quite a stable reference list, which we as a company are very happy with.

We cooperate with: Tønder Business School, The Cycling Expert A/S - a leader in Electric Bicycles in Denmark, Littlethings ApS, Mikkelsen Ejendomskontor, Cityejendomme Aalborg, HELSEBOOST - Denmark's new health magazine, The retro clothing store Tuxer etc.