Terms and conditions

The following conditions apply to all assignments between CCO ApS (hereinafter CCO) and the customer. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the conditions shall be considered an integral part of the agreement between you as a customer and CCO, however, such that the provisions of the agreement shall take precedence over these conditions if there are special terms mentioned in the agreement.

Introduction: We have the experience and ability to do everything we agree with you, and we will do the work in a professional manner and within a reasonable time. We strive to meet all deadlines set in the collaboration, and we will respect the confidentiality of everything you entrust to us.

Prices: Currency is in Danish kroner. All amounts are exclusive of VAT.

Offer and acceptance: Collaboration proposals are valid for 30 days from today's date. If the offer is accepted, it is binding on both parties. An offer is subject to change due to a change in the basis.

Mangler: Deadlines work both ways, so the client must review the work, provide feedback and approve within a reasonable timeframe. If the client finds any errors or deficiencies, they must notify the CCO immediately. CCO shall not be responsible for any defects or deficiencies after Customer's review and subsequent commissioning of the Deliverable.

Responsibility: The CCO's liability is in all respects limited to direct loss. Loss of business, loss of time, loss of data. Lost profits and consequential damages cannot be claimed. The CCO's liability is limited to the lesser of the following two amounts:

(a) the total payment due and paid for the product
b) DKK 10,000.

The CCO is not responsible for storing copies of source files once the product has been handed over, unless this has been agreed.

Property law: The customer may use the product in any way, but never copy, reproduce or resell in any way that violates Danish copyright law. CCO licenses its use to Customer, exclusively and in perpetuity in connection with this Project, and this Project only, unless otherwise agreed.

CCO has no liability for the Client's lack of right to use text, writing, images, illustrations, trademarks, logos, etc. owned by third parties. This applies to all material supplied by the customer. I.e. if you, as a customer, supply material to which you do not own the copyright, but this right is owned by a third party, CCO shall be indemnified against any legal disputes or other costs in connection therewith.

Code language: The finished website makes use of HTML, CSS styling and JavaScript for what we call the front-end. The front-end covers everything the user can see. The finished website uses PHP and MySQL for what we call the back-end. The back-end covers everything that happens behind the scenes, and between the server and the database.

Browser test: Testing browsers does not mean trying to get exactly the same look in all browsers, with different options or screen sizes. It means that the CCO ensures that the website works within the browser's limitations, which are available for each browser's capabilities or the device on which it resides. CCO tests our work in the latest versions of the most widely used computer browser brands, including Apple (Safari), Google (Chrome), Microsoft (Edge), and Mozilla (Firefox). CCO also tests to some extent in Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, which can at least access the site and make use of the functionality on the site.

Mobile browser test: CCO tests the website against popular smaller devices, ensuring that the experience on the device follows the device's capabilities and resolution. CCO tests the design in emulators, for the most modern devices from Android and Apple. If testing against other specific devices is a requirement, an estimate can be made for this.

Texts and graphics: Unless otherwise agreed in advance, the CCO is not responsible for creating the text or images of the client's website, or for creating all sub-pages. The client should provide graphic files in an editable, vector digital format. The client should provide photographs in a high digital resolution, and in a modern digital format.

Termination: Subscription agreements (operation, support, hosting and other similar ongoing agreements) are automatically renewed upon expiry until either party notifies the other party that it no longer wishes to enter into the cooperation, at least 2 months prior to the expiry of the period then in force. The notice of termination must be sent in writing or by e-mail. In the case of non-binding agreements, the agreement may be terminated by either party, with a notice period of one month + current month. If an agreement is cancelled after acceptance, payment must be made for the time spent and any outlays, subject to a minimum of DKK 1,000. The price of the cancellation will be stated at the time of cancellation. Subscription agreements cannot be cancelled, but must be terminated in accordance with the section above. If the CCO decides to cease providing any of the services purchased by the Customer, the CCO may terminate that part of the Agreement with one month's notice.

Change of conditions and prices: CCO reserves the right to make price and contract changes, with one month's notice. Minor price changes will not be notified if the price change is due to price increases by business partners, as well as changes in taxes and other similar conditions. Substantial changes/additions to the contract can only be made in agreement and acceptance between the parties. For the same reason, the customer's obligations towards the CCO will also only be limited to the amounts agreed in the contract, or in extension thereof.