What does a new website cost?

I know that "it depends..." is not a very satisfactory answer to a question as central and simple as "what does a new website really cost?". I also know that what many really think is: "how cheap can you get a new website for?"

Individual needs have a big impact on price

The price of a new website can vary surprisingly depending on the size, materials, equipment and installation. In order to give an accurate price, we need to find the right individual solution for you. It is very common to start with a budget: "What can we get for X amount?" or "How far can we get for X?". An overall budget framework can help clarify options in terms of website size, layout, elements and "extras".

I have many years of experience and have learned a lot along the way which allows me to give proper advice and not least to build a website of high quality.

So even if it's a boring answer ... "I offer websites at both ends of the price scale - and everywhere in between. So it depends on your needs. Contact me and let's discuss your needs, I'll be able to give you an estimate of the website price over the phone.

With me you get the personal service and a direct line to your developer. 🙂