Lennart Christensen - WordPress developer and designer from Esbjerg DK

Among other things, I build custom WordPress themes based on a desired design. I program plugins, themes and other special things that you just need for your website. In addition, I can solve technical challenges in WordPress or Woocommerce.


It started as a hobby and is today my livelihood

I am a web developer who, besides being technically competent, has a commercial mindset, which means I have an attitude towards things. I focus on creating coherence between design, identity and functionality and always hope to be a good sparring partner with those I get to work with. My web development skills and experience range from building mobile-friendly websites that work perfectly across browsers to building scalable WooCommerce shops or WordPress plugins. Every WordPress theme I develop is professionally designed and built from the ground up in a "design proof" layout, meaning everything works as expected and there's no way to mess up the layout, which also makes for a consistent look and a professional website.

Reasons to hire me

  • I have over 10 years of experience with WordPress (since 2007).
  • I offer a personal service where you get a direct line to your developer/advisor.
  • I am always learning and following the latest development standards.
  • I provide high quality products that are well tested.
  • I work on both Mac and Windows. I also test my work on iPhone and Android phones. This way you can be sure that your website will display correctly on any device.
  • I do not promise gold and green forests but in return I provide an honest service.
  •  I am a web developer who has a good understanding of SEO and follows current standards in the development process.
  • I'm a web developer who's self-aware with a commercial mindset - which means I'm able to quickly assess whether the code we're making has positive value for your business today and in the future

A close relationship with your WordPress programmer

I definitely find it most fun to build long-term relationships with those I get to work with. Besides being the most fun, it also yields the best results.

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Lennart Christensen - Web developer, Wordpress specialist, WP Programmer

Lennart Christensen

  • Web designer/web developer, WordPress specialist