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We collect data so that we can provide you with the best version of our website.

When you visit our website, information is collected about you which is used to customise and improve our content and to increase the value of the ads displayed on the site. This information is not collected unless you have given your permission.

We may collect data during your visit without your consent, provided that this data is anonymous so that it cannot be attributed to you as a person, user, or individual. This data will typically be statistics of visits to posts, pages, products, etc.

Acceptance of the policy
By accepting our Privacy Policy, you agree that we may obtain and store the submitted data for the agreed purpose, that the submitted data is accurate and current, and that you are of legal age and have the right to provide the submitted data to us. If you agree to the Personal Data Policy on behalf of your child, or otherwise act as his/her guardian, you agree to the other points listed.

The website uses "cookies", which are text files stored on your computer, mobile or similar device, for the purpose of recognising it, remembering settings, performing statistics or targeting ads. Cookies containing personal data are only used with your consent, or in cases where it increases the security of both you as a user, and our website. Cookies from us cannot contain harmful code such as viruses.

You may see other cookies appear on your computer, but these help the site to work properly and do not contain any personal data. Nor will they be used to profile you.

The website contains cookies from third parties, which may include to varying degrees:

  • Google

In some cases, we may use so-called "sessions" to collect data about you or your behaviour. Sessions are a text file or piece of data that, like cookies, allow information to be stored while you are on the site. Sessions differ, however, in that they are automatically deleted as soon as you close your internet browser. We will typically use so-called sessions for security purposes, and will only hold personal data with your consent or for legitimate reasons.

Personal data

Personal data is any information that can be attributed to you in one way or another. When you use our website, we collect and process some of this information with your consent. This happens, for example, when accessing content in general, if you sign up for our newsletter, participate in competitions or surveys, register as a user or subscriber, otherwise use the services or make purchases via the website.

We typically collect and process the following types of information: a unique ID and technical information about your computer, tablet or mobile phone, your IP number, geographical location, and which pages you click on (interests). To the extent that you explicitly consent to this and enter the information yourself, we also process: Name, phone number, email, address and payment details. This will typically be in connection with the creation of a login, purchase or contact via a form.

We have taken technical and organisational measures against your data being accidentally or unlawfully deleted, published, lost, impaired or coming to the knowledge of unauthorised persons, misused or otherwise processed in breach of the law.

We also have arrangements in place, known as data processing agreements, with third parties who may handle our data. This includes, but is not limited to, hosting providers, developers of our systems, and analytics tools. The data processing agreements ensure you as a user that we guarantee that your data is handled in accordance with the law.


We collect, process and retain data for the purposes of analysis, to provide you with a service, or in connection with a purchase on our website where we need to use your information for billing and shipping purposes.


Cookies on our website include, but are not limited to, the collection of data about your behaviour, and a general profiling of you. We do not use the data to provide a detailed picture of who you are as an individual, but rather to give us insight into who is using our services. The data may also be used to allow other services you use to tailor their selection of sponsored content or advertising towards you based on your journey. This data also allows us to develop our services more towards a service that is tailored to our users.

Other types of cookies may be security extensions that allow us to protect against bot attacks and ensure that you are who you say you are. However, this is a short-term collection of data, and does not give us a detailed insight into who you are, but allows us to get an estimated location of you in the world (to prevent attacks from abroad), your IP, and the type of device you visit the site with.

Contact form
If you send us information via a contact form on the site, we will only use the data submitted to the extent specified by the contact form. However, we guarantee that the data will not be passed on to third parties, unless otherwise agreed for the individual contact form.

By signing up to our newsletter, we will only use your data for marketing purposes through our newsletter, and only this. We make use of a 3rd party service in connection with our marketing, which is bound by a data processing agreement with us in accordance with applicable law.


The data is kept for the period permitted by law and we delete it when the data is no longer valid or the purpose for which the data was collected has expired. It is also possible for you to ask for the data to be removed, or handed over. However, it is only possible to have the data removed if the basis for doing so does not violate applicable law that overrides the GDPR.

By purchase
If you buy from us, we will keep data about your order in accordance with the Accounting Act, which means that we must keep data about a transaction/invoice for 5 years. This also makes it easier for us to meet requirements for us, such as the right of complaint. If you object to us retaining this data, you should contact us with a view to anonymising the data if possible.

By contact via form
If you contact us through a contact form, we will keep the data you submit to us (name, email, any other personal data) for up to 2 years

By user creation on the site
If you have a user on the site, we will keep data on you and your user for as long as is deemed relevant to your browsing on the site. As your user does not have an expiry date, there is no direct limit on the expiry of data. However, by having a user with us, you confirm that the data provided is accurate and current, at all times. You always have the option to have your user deleted, and associated data removed from our services if desired.
However, we reserve the right to delete your data from the site after prolonged inactivity. This is done in order to ensure that your data is still correct and is stored with your explicit consent.


Data about your use of the website, which ads you receive and possibly click on, geographical location, gender and age segment, etc. is passed on to third parties to the extent that this information is known and accepted. You can see which third parties are involved in the "Cookies" section above. The information is used for targeting advertising, developing our services, and security for users and the site itself.

In addition, we use a number of third parties to store and process data. These process data solely on our behalf and may not use it for their own purposes. These are also subject to a data processing agreement, so we can guarantee that they store and process this data in accordance with applicable legislation.

Disclosure of personal data such as name and e-mail etc. will only take place if you consent to it. We only use data processors in the EU or in countries that can provide your information with adequate protection.


You have the right to know what personal data we process about you. You can also object to the use of data at any time. In addition, it is possible to withdraw your consent to the processing of your data. If the data processed about you is incorrect, you have the right to have it corrected or deleted. You can contact: If you wish to complain about our processing of your personal data, you also have the option of contacting Data Protection Authority.

Right to obtain data
In accordance with applicable law, you have the right to obtain personal data from us. For this to apply, we need to have data on you that is specific enough to link the data to you as an individual. We will therefore also contact you regarding some criteria about this data so that we can search it and provide it to you.

The provision of data will take place within a reasonable time and without unnecessary delays. However, we ask for your understanding that large amounts of data may take us some time to collect and ensure is the correct data before we deliver it to you. We guarantee that the data we provide is accurate, unmodified and in a readable format (not encrypted).

Data security
We guarantee that the data we hold of a personal nature is processed and stored according to the best and most secure method. We therefore guarantee to contact you if we suspect a breach of your data security and will take the necessary steps to limit the extent and damage that a data breach would cause.

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