Lennart here 👋 Self-employed WordPress developer from Esbjerg

I work as a subcontractor/freelancer for advertising agencies, seo companies and other types of companies that need a web developer (in the backroom) to solve various day-to-day technical ad hoc tasks, as well as development of plugins, subcomponents and WordPress websites.

WordPress Support, WP development Lennart Christensen

Get a web developer in the "back room"

Advertising agencies, seo companies, marketing and other types of businesses may have a need to have a technical person on hand to help should the need arise. I have a working relationship with various companies where I help with the technical stuff that should come up on an ongoing basis. Some have hours for me every week and others have more sporadically.

    Ongoing ad hoc tasks could be ...

  • Migrating/Moving WordPress Website
  • Backup/hosting/maintenance of WordPress websites
  • Troubleshooting, DNS setup, etc.
  • small adjustments/code work
  • Corrections/help with errors
  • Maintenance of client's own websites and client's websites

In addition to the ongoing ad hoc work, the work may also consist of development / programming of e.g. subcomponents for WordPress websites, WP plugins and Affiliate WordPress themes (websites).

How I got started with WordPress development

About 10 years ago I started to immerse myself in WordPress. At first it was just my hobby where I sat and fiddled with it and spend oceans of time learning. Once I was able to master and understand WP codex, I first started with conversion of existing WordPress themes and small tweaks in existing plugins. Quickly, I began to recognize the patterns of how WordPress is built and I started developing themes and user-specific plugins myself. I'm a self-taught web developer and in fact I learned how to write PHP and Javascript - 90% of WordPress backend, you could say - by diving into other WordPress themes and plugins etc. and that way I learned how to code and understand codex. The cool thing in this world is that something new is happening all the time, so you are evolving, improving and still learning.

Team up with a freelance Web developer with a commercial mindset

There are many skilled professionals in all industries and there are also many web developers. There are certainly some WordPress developers who are better than me, but there are certainly many who do not have the skills that I have. My strengths lie in the fact that I am a technically proficient WP developer with plenty of experience who also has a commercial mindset, which means I have a good understanding of the practical basis of the coding work I do. It also means that I have an attitude towards things so I'm happy to provide input into what we do. It's always great to feel like part of a team in the companies (to the extent that it makes sense) I get to work with and in some strange way I actually feel good about being "hidden from the public", knowing that you have contributed to a company or project. There is a certain pride when, for example, an affiliate shop develops.

Lau from Meresalg Aps

I have only positive things to say about our collaboration with Lennart. We use Lennart at Meresalg Marketing for a number of tasks - internally as well as externally. Deliverable, solution-orientated and not least fair on price. 5 out of 5 from here.

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Offer your customers a WordPress website

The advantage of me as a partner is that you can also offer your customers websites and web hosting. In addition to the core competencies in which your company excels, you can offer that extra something that might strengthen your relationship with your customers. That way, customers won't easily switch to another provider when they see you can deliver WordPress design, development, operations or hosting.

Your tasks - your customers

We can tailor the services to suit your clients, and I can handle any task where WordPress development is the focus. If you offer web design and web hosting to your clients, I have great expertise and can take the direct contact with your clients, so that any technical issues are professionally handled - or I can hide in the "engine room", where you then take care of your clients' silence in relation to the technical issues / problems that may arise and then hand over the work to me.

TIllid to your wordpress developer

100 % Trust is the key when choosing a subcontractor / partner, and you need to be able to trust that the subcontractor is not stealing the clients - especially if your core business is SEO, AdWords, branding or maybe just web design. A large part of my business relies on subcontracting work, so I am very aware of this particular responsibility. That's why we have 100 % clean lines - I perform my work with professional distance.

Interested in hearing more?

I have very reasonable hourly rates, which allows for a reasonable profit margin for your agency. In addition, I am happy to contribute recommendations to your clients, so that they get the maximum out of their website. Send me a message with your thoughts - it costs nothing.