How much does a new website cost to develop?

I know that "it depends..." is not a particularly satisfactory answer to a question as central and apparently simple as "what does a new website actually cost?". I also know that what many people really think is: "how cheap can you get a new website for?"

With me there are no off-the-shelf products so there are no fixed prices, as each website is unique and has different requirements and needs. Factors such as design complexity, functionalities, number of pages, user experience and integration of different systems can affect the price.

    When looking at the cost of a website, there are typically three main elements to consider: web design and development, web hosting and maintenance.

  • Web design and development is the process of creating the website itself. This includes designing the user interface, programming features and integrating any specific requirements. The price depends on the scope of work and complexity of the design and development.
  • Web hosting is the service that enables your website to be accessible on the internet. The cost of web hosting can vary depending on the hosting provider and the hosting plan chosen.
  • Maintenance includes updates, security patches, backups, bug fixes and support for the website. The cost of maintenance may vary depending on the frequency of updates and the level of support required.

Individual needs have a big impact on the price of the website

When it comes to the price of a new website, it can vary as much as the price of buying a carport (the best example I could come up with as I recently bought a carport). Carports can come in different price ranges, from the more affordable versions in Silvan to the more expensive models that can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. Similarly, the price of a website can vary depending on various factors, and it's important to have a realistic understanding of what to expect within your budget.

In order to give an accurate price for a new website, it is necessary to find the right customised solution that fits your specific needs. It is very common to start with a budget and ask yourself: "What can we get for X amount of money?" or "How far can we get with X?" An overall budget framework can help clarify the options in terms of website size, layout, features and any extra add-ons.

Just like with the carport, there are different price ranges and qualities in web design and development. The price of a website depends on several factors, including the complexity of the design, the number of features and pages, the need for customised development and integration of third-party solutions, and more. The more advanced and specialised the requirements, the higher the price can be.

Remember that the most important thing is not only the price, but also the quality of the final result. It is better to invest in a solid and professional website that fulfils your needs and communicates your brand effectively. A cheap website may not be able to provide you with the desired functionality or aesthetics you want.

So, just like buying a carport, you should research your options, assess your needs and budget, and find a reliable provider that can deliver a quality solution within your budget. That way, you can get a website that suits your unique needs.

The quality of web developers can vary, just like many other things

The quality of web developers can vary, as with many other things, and unfortunately there are no official quality seals or certifications to assess the skills and expertise of web developers. When looking for a web developer for your project, it is important to be aware of this fact and make your choices carefully.

A good practice is to review a web developer's portfolio and previous work to assess their style, quality and whether they have experience with similar projects. You can also ask for recommendations and read customer reviews to gain insight into other people's experiences with the web developer in question.

Choosing an experienced and reliable web developer with a proven track record of success is a good way to increase the chances of getting a quality result. Also pay attention to communication skills, the ability to understand and meet your needs, and the ability to deliver on time.

Remember that the quality of the final product depends to a large extent on good co-operation between you and the web developer. Clear communication, mutual understanding and a clear definition of your expectations will also help to achieve a satisfactory result.

How cheap can you buy a website?

There are undoubtedly web developers who are cheaper than me, and there are also those who charge higher prices. My goal is not to be the cheapest (or the most expensive), but to offer an honest and real product without any sales pitch. If you focus solely on the hourly rate and are looking for the cheapest web developer in the country, I may not be the right choice for you.

It is possible to find very cheap websites, especially if the web designer chooses to sell ready-made templates. These solutions can be appealing to those who are on a tight budget or need a simple website without many advanced features. When it comes to templates, prices can start at a few thousand dollars, depending on the provider and package.

However, if you want a customised website that is unique and meets specific needs and requirements, the price will usually be higher. In this case, a professional web developer or web design company will be involved in the process. Prices for customised websites vary widely, depending on several factors such as the scope of the project, the complexity of the design and functionality, as well as the developer's experience and geographical location.

In some cases, a simple, customised website can start at a few thousand dollars, while more advanced and complex websites can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the scale of the project.

It is important to note that price is not always the decisive element. Quality, functionality, support and future updates should also be taken into account. A cheap website can sometimes result in compromises in these areas and this can have a negative impact on your online presence and user experience.

Isn't WordPress just WordPress?

Although WordPress is a popular and widely used CMS (Content Management System), it is important to understand that not all WordPress solutions are the same. The quality of the code and the resulting website solution can vary significantly depending on several factors.

When talking about the quality of the code, it is important to note that WordPress is an open-source system, which means that it is developed and maintained by a large community of developers around the world. This opens up a wide range of possibilities, but it also means that there can be differences in coding standards and practices.

The quality of the code can influence various aspects of a WordPress solution. A well-coded website will typically have structured and efficient code that follows best practices for security, performance and maintenance. This can result in a website that is faster, more secure and easier to update and customise. On the other hand, a poorly coded website can have issues such as slow loading times, security holes and compatibility issues with plugins and themes. This can lead to a poor user experience and potential problems in the long term.

In addition, the quality of the resulting solution can also vary based on the skills and experience of the individual developer or development team. Some developers specialise in WordPress development and have extensive experience in creating advanced and customised solutions, while others may only have basic knowledge and experience.

So, while WordPress is a powerful CMS, the quality of the code and the resulting solution is not guaranteed. However, by choosing the right developers and following development best practices, you can ensure a solid and reliable WordPress solution that meets your specific needs.

That's why it's important to listen to your intuition and find the right WordPress developer or development company that you trust. There are several skilled WordPress developers in the UK who are dedicated to providing customised and quality solutions. At the same time, there are also many website companies that offer standardised packages that are mass-produced. These solutions may be suitable for some people who don't have specific requirements or high ambitions.

Choose a reliable and experienced web developer who can deliver a quality solution within your budget

When it comes to choosing a provider for your web development project, it is important to remember the importance of reliability and experience. Whether you choose me or one of the many skilled web developers here in Denmark, the goal is the same - to deliver a quality solution that meets your needs and fits within your budget.

A reliable provider is one that can deliver what they promise and has a proven track record of delivering quality projects satisfactorily and on time. It is important to research the provider's past work, read reviews from previous clients and possibly contact references to get an idea of their reliability and trustworthiness.

Experience is also an important factor to consider. An experienced provider has worked on a wide range of projects and has gained valuable knowledge and skills through their previous work. They are likely to have encountered various challenges and learnt how to deal with them effectively. This gives them the ability to deliver a quality solution and navigate the complexities of web development.

When choosing a provider, it is also important to assess whether they can deliver a quality solution within your budget. This does not necessarily mean choosing the cheapest provider, but finding the right balance between price and quality. A reliable and experienced provider will be able to give you a realistic estimate and work within the financial framework you have set.

Contact me for a price on a new website

Although it's a boring answer... "I offer websites at both ends of the price scale - from the lower end to the higher end and everything in between. What I can say is that every website I create is customised to your specific needs and wishes, with a focus on stable operation and a great user experience. The price then depends on your specific requirements and goals. I don't strive to be the cheapest provider or the most expensive, but rather to deliver a good collaboration, value and quality at a fair price.

Let's discuss your needs, I'll be able to give you an estimate on the price of the website over the phone.