WordPress operation services for a more secure, faster and reliable website

A WordPress maintenance agreement with me is a fixed agreement that includes the basic things that make the website operational, secure and up-to-date. The agreement reduces the risk of hacker attacks and crashes, which can be kept to a minimum, and if they do happen I will deal with them quickly and efficiently.

A WordPress support agreement with me can include:

Updates to plugins and to WordPress itself
I take care of all important updates in WordPress within the operational version of the website. If something goes wrong during an update, I make sure to fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

The website is monitored 24/7 to ensure it is online and available to visitors, and if not, I can react quickly when/if the website goes down. This ensures that we quickly detect critical problems and can act quickly.

Backup of WordPress
In case of problems, a backup will help restore the website faster and easier, as well as the website will have significantly shorter downtime. This reduces the negative impact should your business be affected by a major or minor accident. A backup is not a guarantee against crashes and hackers per se, as it only helps when/if the worst should happen.

In addition, it may include:

  • Removal of infected files in the event of a security breach
  • Firewall/ IP blocking / Virus scanner
  • Functional/optimization of caching
  • DDoS attack protection
  • SSL Certificate
  • GDPR/cookie control centre
  • Web hosting on WordPress optimized Litespeed servers
  • DNS administrator

And always - a direct contact/support line for me

Frequently Asked Questions about WordPress Service Agreement

How do I pay?
I send an invoice periodically, for payment of the next period of 6 or 12 months respectively.

Can you move our website?
Yes, I can! If you're interested in moving your website as part of our service agreement or as a result of a domain change, we're always happy to help - contact me with some more information and we'll tailor a solution just for your website!

What happens if one of my plugins is deleted?
If there are problems with the third-party plugin, either because it is no longer being developed or because of a conflict that cannot be resolved within the same operational version, I will make sure the site is up and running again without this extension (or with an earlier version if this is possible). However, I do not perform work that replaces the extension or its functionality, contained in the support agreement.

How do you calculate my price?
I look at the WordPress installation itself and its current state, how many plugins are installed, whether it's a webshop, or other major website that requires extra attention.

What does a WordPress service agreement cost?
Normally, a WordPress support agreement is DKK 348 per month and a Woocommerce Shop is DKK 698. However, this is a case by case assessment, so the price can vary both up or down. Please contact me to hear what your website costs. You have the option to get a flexible solution that matches your functionality requirements, where we put together an operation and maintenance agreement based on your needs.

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