WordPress: Leverage sanitize_title() to generate readable URLs from text strings

WordPress gives us several core functions that you can use in your theme or plugin projects. One that might be overlooked, but is quite powerful, is sanitize_title(). This built-in WordPress core function allows us to create clean and readable URLs, so you don't have to create your own function that excludes special characters and spaces, for example.

What is sanitize_title()?

sanitize_title() is a WordPress function that automates the process of turning plain text into a URL-friendly string. It removes special characters, turns spaces into hyphens, and converts the text to lowercase. This results in URLs that are easy to read and don't make errors in URL handling.

How to use sanitize_title():

You can easily integrate sanitize_title() into your own themes or plugins. This creates a clean URL-based version of your text string that you can use in your permalinks or anywhere else where a URL is required.
For example:

1TP4Heading = "Your Post Heading";
$ren_url = sanitise_title($ren_headline);

    Implementing sanitize_title() in your WordPress projects is a simple but effective way to improve your URL structures.

  • Sanitise_title() ensures that your URLs are relevant and easy to understand for both users and search engines.
  • Avoid Special Character Issues: By removing special characters, sanitize_title() reduces the risk of technical issues and errors in URL handling.

Automatic Application in WordPress:
WordPress automatically uses sanitize_title() in many situations, such as when you create a new post or page. It is used to generate the default permalink from the title. This means that you often already benefit from this feature in normal circumstances. But this wp-core function also comes in handy for specialised tasks that don't involve creating a post, where you need to rewrite a string into a usable url.