Webhotel & Cloud hosting of WordPress websites: more power and better uptime with LiteSpeed 🚀

You can easily go online and buy a domain and a hosting package. However, I offer a slightly more advanced setup which for you will be quite simplistic and easy to work with. And at the same time you will enjoy more power and better uptime. Right now you get the first year free!

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Hosting built for WordPress with Cloudflare DNS reading

A hosting package with me includes a server built for WordPressand which delivers both a fast and secure experience. The hosting is on a so-called litespeed server. It is cloud-based hosting built by cloud experts with between 99-100% uptime. It can deliver good TTFB/TTLB (Time To First & Last Byte) speeds to deliver accurate solutions to businesses.

    Prices start at kr 600 + VAT for a webhotel (first year free), which includes the following among others:

  • 2GB RAM
  • 100GB space (Webhosting + Email)
  • 100GB bandwidth
  • Litespeed Server
  • Infinite FTP, email and database users
  • Infinite number of databases
  • No restriction on subdomains
  • Access to CPanel
  • 1-click installer with WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla, Magento and many more..
  • Fixed IP address
  • Cloud WordPress hosting powered by renewable energy = green websites

Cloudflare DNS and Litespeed combo

A fast website is something everyone wants. Which brings us to CloudFlare. CloudFlare distributes and stores your website's static content in its data centers, strategically located around the world, regardless of your server's physical location. Your visitors will be directed to the nearest data center, ensuring the fastest possible service. With Cloudflare's DNS, I can offer speeds of up to 1.1 milliseconds. That is, the time it takes from entering the website name and url to converting to an IP and connecting to the website at the user's end. That's 40 % faster than the second fastest DNS resolver, and that's due to Cloudflare's use of anycast networking. Anycast is a technique that allows multiple servers to share a single IP address. When a user sends a request to an anycast address, the request is automatically forwarded to the nearest server. This reduces latency and ensures that users always get the best possible performance. Thanks to the use of anycast, Cloudflare's DNS resolver is the fastest on the market, offering speeds of up to 1.1 milliseconds. I offer everyone a standard DNS Cloudflare setup, included in the price.

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LiteSpeed Cache by default

LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache) is a built-in, high-performance dynamic content acceleration feature that can be used on LiteSpeed web servers. Since LiteSpeed cache is built into the LiteSpeed web server, it eliminates a layer of reverse proxy. This provides higher efficiency for static content. LiteSpeed cache uses rewrite rules (either in configuration files or .htaccess) to control its behavior for maximum flexibility. The great thing about LiteSpeed is that it is done with minimal hardware resources such as memory and CPU. LiteSpeed Cache makes it e.g. enable it to leverage caching on the server, so the website doesn't have to engage PHP to start caching content, allowing it to deliver static content quickly and PHP performance is increased due to its custom PHP LSAPI. When switching to LiteSpeed cache, you will also often see your server load decrease. Web hosting on a LiteSpeed server is standard as part of the solution at my site.

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I use a data centre based on 19 years of experience and powered by 100 % renewable energy. The data centre I use states that they also have ISO 14001 which is an environmental certificate that covers some environmental objectives required to obtain this certificate. So that means "green websites" = good for the environment and for all our futures.

Depending on your hosting needs, I can put together a reliable solution with high-performance infrastructure. Get Webhotel for free the first year and pay only for your second year 🎉

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The fine print:
*Prices for domain fees and domain creation are borne by the customer. For example, a DK domain costs approximately DKK 50 per year to own, which is billed directly by DK-hostmaster. You can see the price list for domain creation and domain fees here. You can buy your domain yourself at e.g. Freedns.co.uk which is the domain registrar. Once you have done this you own the domain and we can then set up your DNS/hosting solution. Cloudflare DNS setup is by default not with end user access. Commitment 24 months to get discount.