Have a WordPress website or webshop developed

Hey! I'm Lennart, web developer and WordPress geek. I design, develop, build, maintain, support and protect WordPress websites.

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A website that matches your needs

I design and build beautiful and user-friendly websites at reasonable prices for Danish companies. From small to large solutions, and everything in between. WordPress Websites that are beautiful to look at and that are developed for the way we live and use the internet. What you like and what you need is always very subjective, therefore with me you can have your website tailored exactly to your needs and desires.

Team up with a freelance Web developer with a commercial mindset

I am a WordPress developer who, besides being technically competent, also has a commercial mindset, which means I have an attitude towards things and a good practical understanding. I focus on creating coherence between design, identity and functionality so that what we do has a positive value today and in the future. My skills and experience range from building mobile-friendly websites that work perfectly across browsers to building scalable websites for any industry. I have designed and developed WordPress themes (websites and webshops) for startups, small and medium sized businesses. Every theme I develop is professionally designed and built from the ground up.

💬Melissa from Tønder Halls says:
Lennart is a pleasure to work with. He is a good sparring partner, who besides being technically competent also has an attitude towards things. There is a strong focus on creating coherence between design, identity and functionality. In our web development project, Lennart has shown great thoroughness and aesthetic sense front-end while ensuring that the user experience back-end is kept as simple as possible. The warmest of recommendations go out to him.
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All in one WordPress solution

You have the option to get an all-in-one solution operating agreement which, in addition to the website, includes the basic things that make the website operational. I offer a good and professional hosting of your website on WordPress optimized Litespeed servers. I also take care of the ongoing maintenance of extensions, themes and WordPress, as well as handling issues related to failed updates, security breaches, hacking, viruses, and data backups.

    Reasons to hire me

  • I have over 10 years of experience with WordPress (since 2007).
  • I offer a personal service where you get a direct line to your developer/advisor.
  • I am always learning and following the latest development standards. I deliver high quality products that are thoroughly tested.
  • I work on both Mac and Windows. I also test my work on iPhone and Android phones. This way you can be sure that your website will display correctly on any device.
  • I am flexible with my working hours because I am a full-time freelance web designer.
  • I believe good communication is the key to a successful project. That's why I always respond quickly.
  • I offer an operating agreement that includes 24/7 monitoring against hacker attacks, etc.
  • I do not promise gold and green forests but in return I provide an honest service.
  • SEO / Google - I am a web developer who has a good understanding of SEO and follows current standards in the development process.

A close relationship with your website developer

I think it's cool to build long-term relationships with those I get to work with. Besides being the most fun, it also yields the best results. If you're looking for a cheap web designer (a finished website for a few thousand dollars) or a website that needs to be developed and ready in a week, we probably won't be the best match. But if you want to work with someone who pays attention to detail, doesn't cut corners and has 5-star feedback, references and qualifications to back it up, then we're most likely a great match.

I am ready with advice on both large and small, so we can together find the best website solution for your needs.

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