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Intelligent and not least a unique real estate website - without restrictions - developed in the year 2017.

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Mikkelsens Ejendomskontor is an independent real estate agency that has been in business since 1974. Mikkelsens Ejendomskontor is based in Toftlund, in the middle of Southern Jutland, and covers most of the region when it comes to buying and selling real estate.

Mikkelsen Property Office needed a new digital presence, which included a new website whose design and functionality had to go hand in hand. The website should also create a nice profile for the company, as well as for the area. With this in mind, we built a website in WordPress with the functionalities and individual needs that Mikkelsen's Property Office wanted.

Mikkelsens Ejendomskontor uses C&B which is a real estate system. Their new website works in such a way that when they create a new housing case via C&B, the housing will also come up for sale on the website. This happens automatically and all the information that has been entered will be replaced. If the home is sold, or otherwise does not want the car active anymore it will also be deleted from the website. If the price changes or the order of the pictures changes, this will also change.

The solution of a custom website built in WordPress is ideal when you want to design a unique website and create the presentation of the homes in your own way. Text and info that would normally appear on a standard C&B website and that Mikkelsen Toftlund found irrelevant was removed from the website. We also made sure to build the real estate website according to Google's guidelines, optimizing the foundation for a good SEO structure.

Mikkelsen chose to switch to a new real estate system in late 2019 where the website unfortunately could not keep up.

Lennart Christensen - Web developer, Wordpress specialist, WP Programmer

Lennart Christensen

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