I code WP plugins, themes and other cool stuff that you just need for your website

Development of e.g. website for rental company which should be linked to external system, or WordPress plugin for car dealers for showing cars from external system.

Wordpress development - Lennart lau jonas

Has been behind the development of WordPress extensions such as the following:

    Examples of WP plugin development

  • Autodesktop Feed
  • Car Info Feed
  • Woocommerce extensions, e.g. BOGO
  • PriceRunner API integration
  • XML feeds for content delivery (e.g. to Boligportal.dk)
  • Affiliate WP theme/plugins
  • C&B Estate Agency integration
  • FlexYa Estate Agency integration
  • Intranet for business
  • WP plugin for sailboat for selling tickets
  • Meeting room booking plugin for office sharing
  • GA4 data layer

Request a quote for development work

Do you need a website to be connected to an external system, or do you want to develop a booking system, order processing system, or other Customised development of a WordPress plugin / If you're looking for an extension, contact me and let's have a no-obligation chat.

Pricing for WordPress Plugin development or other system

The price of developing a WordPress plugin can vary greatly depending on the complexity and size of the project. A unique development task obviously requires an appropriate budget, as there are many facets to building something unique. First and foremost, it needs to be designed, then developed, tested and fixed.

    Price examples:

  • Meeting Booking WordPress Plugin £20,000 (without layout and front-end design).
  • Corporate intranet development from £30,000 (depending on feature requests).
  • Development of customer login with contact, data and information kr. 50.000 (Incl. layout and frontend design).
  • Development of setup that interacts with external system kr. 50.000 (without layout and frontend design).
  • Development of a WordPress PIM system for managing multiple WordPress sites from one admin from DKK 25,000
  • Development of feed to feed external systems kr. 20.000 (without layout and frontend design).

As a general rule of thumb, you can expect a development hour to cost DKK 1,000 plus VAT per hour. The final price depends on the nature and scope of the task.