Outzen Bilcenter with Bilinfo integration

New website with integration of Bilinfo car dealer tool. In addition there are integrations from other players such as Autouncle, Santander financing.

Outzen-bil.dk Car info web development web design

Outzen Car Centre felt limited in the Bilinfo system - but at the same time was deeply dependent on their functions. The result was a website in WordPress CMS with an XML integration from Bilinfo, which ensures a continuous import of all cars. Importing and updating cars, as well as deleting sold cars, is thus completely automatic. In addition to the Bilinfo integration, a loan calculator from Santander is also integrated, as well as integration with Autouncle for calculating the trade-in price.

The overall objective has been to create a website that reflects a common thread between BMW, exclusivity and Outzen Bilcenters identity. The platform should connect cars, workshop, video and images in a professional, user-friendly and appealing way. In addition, it has been important to create a platform that is naturally mobile-friendly and responsive to all platforms, as well as scalable in terms of features and new initiatives.

The solution that combines an Open Source CMS system and Bilinfo is optimal if you want the best of both systems, which has also allowed to develop some unique features that can actively interact with the users of the website.

Lennart Christensen - Web developer, Wordpress specialist, WP Programmer

Lennart Christensen

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