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Toftlund Maskinfabrik A/S needed a new website and a new intranet. I had the honour of helping with this.

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Toftlund Maskinfabrik A/S is a solid supplier in the field of machining and production in steel, aluminium and stainless steel. The company is a family business owned and operated by 2nd generation Henrik and a team of skilled employees.

Toftlund Maskinfabrik A/S needed a new digital presence which included a new website whose design and functionality had to go hand in hand. In addition, Toftlund Maskinfabrik A/S needed an intranet, built on the functionality of their current, but outdated system. With this in mind, we built a unique website in WordPress and created a long-term and reliable digital presence that includes; Website, Intranet, Hosting and Service/Support.

Toftlund Maskinfabrik had some special and very user-defined requirements for the intranet. However, they had looked at some already common systems, which meant that they were locked into the functionality of those systems. This was not good enough, so the result was a solution where we developed a new intranet for Toftlund Maskinfabrik as an extension to WordPress. The intranet was thus developed according to the functionalities and needs of Toftlund Maskinfabrik. No less and no more.

Henrik from Toftlund Maskinfabrik talks about their intranet, which has been in use since 2018

It's on our website, just behind the little padlock in the top right corner (see - you need a login to see it.

I have an administrator login, and all employees have one common login, so they can leave messages from anywhere, as long as they can access the website (both mobile & PC.)
The display itself is just a touchscreen PC hanging on the wall at our entrance, in the different buildings, which is always logged in and via google chrome just updates every 5 minutes.

When an employee enters a message, I get an email with the text (just to make sure there is no double booking or everyone is on holiday on the same day))

Then the view is for one working week at a time, but if you tap the arrows at the top, you can select a week forwards or backwards.
So if individual people are sick, at the dentist or we have guests, it is then entered here and when they will be back again, so everyone has info about who what and when so that everyone has received the same message.

Likewise, in the column on the right you can see the long-term calendar, when the apprentices are going to school, Christmas lunch, holidays, etc. . When entering new information, there is a button at the top, if there is a change or deletion, it is handled by a lookup.

The colour dots are events , free / holiday , meetings / guests , workshop information (e.g. emptying of containers, notification of status, or other...)

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